I am available to paint a commissioned work for you. Give me brief and we can work out the details of composition, materials, timeline and price. Below are some examples of commissions I have completed recently.

Emma contacted me in panic as the painting she had commissioned had been lost in the post. Could I repaint it by Friday as a gift for her employer? I took all the reference she had and applied it to the job. It took a couple of days to evolve and I added more people and signs to make the painting capture the personality she hoped for. By Friday it was finished, framed and ready to collect. It was a good weeks work and a great personal gift for a friend.
Step was turning 60 and Rachel wanted a special present for her Canterbury friend.
Joanne commissioned me to paint this for her father’s 80th birthday. When Larry was 20 he was the first man to swim the Mt Ruapehu crater lake. Larry and a friend climbed up there on New Years day in 1962 (the year I was born) and rowed across the lake in a clinker dinghy. They took the temperatures and found it perfect for a swim. Larry swam back across the 600m lake. When Joanne presented it to her father he was thrilled to have his big moment captured in watercolour.
Hudson and Jo wanted to donate a painting to Scott’s College fundraiser to buy more music equipment. Their son Harley plays the sax. I enjoyed watching the band perform and painted the scene more than once.
The ESCI department at Victoria University wanted a special present to farewell Julie Vry when she retired. She taught hundreds of young geologist and walked the dramatic Pillar Point track overlooking Farewell Spit with them all,
Alister and Ruth wanted a large calm painting of the Motanau Island for the guest bedroom. I tore my hair out getting this painting just right. It’s amazing how a simple commission can turn into a mission. I got there in the end.