I love painting watercolours. It is challenging and satisfying. Every stroke of the brush is exciting. Every drop of water brings unexpected surprises. There is beauty to capture everywhere I look. The light on the planes of the face or dancing on the water.


Watercolour painting is my favourite medium and I love the way the water and paints move and change on the paper. I find inspiration all around in nature, people and the beauty in the world. I am finding time to paint almost everyday and love the process of making art.
I am currently working as a drawing teacher in a Themed Environment Design degree course in Wuhan China. It’s challenging to get the students to understand perspective and architectural style drawing.

I have worked for over 30 years as a freelance graphic designer and joined Wellington Art Club in 2010 and Watercolour New Zealand soon after. I enjoy the community of the club as the atmosphere is always productive.

In the last few years I have been enthusiastically soaking up all the knowledge I can find and hope to continue painting and learning new techniques. I miss attending life drawing, portrait classes, artist workshops and en plein air group events back in New Zealand.

I have many brush miles to paint before I am as adept as some of the fine painters whose work I admire. By working regularly and exploring new methods I am gaining confidence with technique and colour mixing is becoming instinctive.

I am trying many different techniques and materials and am never short of inspiration. I see the light on the water or the planes of the face and the shapes of the shadows. I am always thinking of how to mix a colour that I see in nature and how to construct the scene. It really is a great way to spend my spare time as it bring such joy.


I exhibit my work at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Watercolour NZ, Kiwi Art House Tapu te Ranga Gallery and ArtSpace Petone. I paint colourful backgrounds for CD's, book covers and brochures. I can paint your favourite scene as a commission or paint a portrait of a loved one. I paint Birthday cards for friends and family and have hand painted original water colour greeting cards which I sell for $10 each at Academy of Fine Arts, Kiwi Art House, ArtSpace Petone The White Room Island Bay and RAL Whakapapa Shop at Top of the Bruce.


My life as a snow gypsy and artist involves painting scenes of mountains, snow and skiers and travels around New Zealand and the world.Now I am teaching at a Design University in Wuhan China.


CEH Tai Chi at WIDS

Tai Chi in the Park $200 Tapu te Ranga Gallery

3 Cart full of gardeners

Trolley of Gardeners $200 Tapu te Ranga Gallery

1 WIDS sunset

Crazy Wuhan $200

5 Vanke Gardener
Vanke Gardener $300 Tapu te Ranga Gallery

CEHird Arapawa Bay
Arapawa Bay $250

Airport tower
Wuhan Pagoda $300

CEHird Crown Range
Crown Range $300

CEH Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen Original Water colour SOLD
A3 Prints for $50 each on photographic paper

The Red Bucket SOLD

Evans Bay Boat Sheds SOLD

Thin White Duke SOLD



Reg Hird $300 Art Space

Uncle Bill

Bill McLaughlin NFS

 Golden Girl $300


Saint Richie $300 framed

Glenn and Nguruhoe

Ngauruhoe SOLD

Delta Ridge and Angus

Delta Ridge NFS

CEHird Mt Ngauruhoe
Mt Ngauruhoe $300