I love painting watercolours. Capturing the magic of light and colour in a painting is challenging and satisfying. Every stroke of the brush is exciting. Every drop of water brings unexpected surprises. There is beauty to capture everywhere I look. The light on the planes of the face or dancing on the water.

Watercolour painting is my favourite medium and I love the way the water and paints move and change on the paper. I find inspiration all around in nature, people and the beauty in the world. I am finding time to paint almost everyday and love the process of making art. In 2018 I worked as a drawing teacher in a Themed Environment Design degree course in Wuhan China. Now I am teaching workshops in Perspective to artists in New Zealand.

I have worked for 40 years as a Graphic Designer in Wellington. In the last decade I joined Wellington Art Club, Watercolour New Zealand and The Academy of Fine Arts. I enjoy the community of working alongside other artists and sharing knowledge and techniques. I attend life drawing classes, portrait classes, artist workshops and en plein air group events in New Zealand.

I am trying many different techniques and materials and am never short of inspiration. I see the light on the water or the planes of the face and the shapes of the shadows. I am always thinking about how to mix a colour that I see in nature and how to compose a scene. It really is a great way to spend my spare time as it bring such joy.

I exhibit my work at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Watercolour NZ, and Kiwi Art House in Wellington. I paint colourful backgrounds for CD’s, book covers and brochures. I can paint your favourite scene as a commission or paint a portrait of a loved one. I paint Birthday cards for friends and family and have hand painted original water colour greeting cards which I sell  at Academy of Fine Arts, Kiwi Art House,  The White Room Island Bay and RAL Whakapapa Shop at Top of the Bruce.

My life as a snow gypsy and artist involves painting scenes of mountains, snow and skiers and travels around New Zealand and the world. Follow me on Instagram or FaceBook

Autumn in the Awatere by Charlotte Hird
Autumn in the Awatere $600 Framed

CEH Tai Chi at WIDS

Tai Chi in the Park $300 Framed

3 Cart full of gardeners

Trolley of Gardeners $300 Framed

1 WIDS sunset

Crazy Wuhan $200

CEH Wuhan Water Lillies lr

Wuhan Water Lillies SOLD
Winner of Merit Award at the Kapiti Art Show 2019

5 Vanke Gardener
Vanke Gardener $300 Framed

CEHird Arapawa Bay
Arapawa Bay $250 Framed

Airport tower
Wuhan Pagoda $600 Framed

CEHird Crown Range
Crown Range $400 Framed

CEH Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen Original Water colour SOLD
A3 Prints for $50 each on photographic paper

The Red Bucket SOLD

Evans Bay Boat Sheds SOLD

Thin White Duke SOLD


Reg Hird  NFS

Uncle Bill

Bill McLaughlin NFS

Golden Girl $300

Kiwi Cat

Kiwi $300 framed

Glenn and Nguruhoe

Ngauruhoe SOLD

Delta Ridge and Angus

Delta Ridge NFS

CEHird Mt Ngauruhoe
Mt Ngauruhoe SOLD