artist, designer, teacher

Would you like to buy some great New Zealand art for your home? I have paintings in galleries and in exhibitions and plenty of stock both framed and unframed. I also take on commissions, so it you have a special scene you would like me to record, or require a present for a friend or family, then please contact me to discuss.

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Selfie in burnt sienna by Charlotte Hird

For the past 10 years I have loved painting watercolours, capturing the magic of light and colour in the medium is challenging and satisfying. Every stroke of the brush is exciting, every drop of water brings unexpected surprises. There is beauty to capture everywhere I look in the light on the planes of the face or dancing on the water. My approach is realistic but if you look closer to see how stylised and graphic my work has become.

Now that I am teaching I find time to paint almost everyday and love the process of making art. In 2018 I worked as a architectural drawing teacher in a Themed Environment Design degree course in Wuhan China.

After 40 years as a Graphic Designer in Wellington I became a full time artist in 2020. In the past decade I joined Wellington Art Club, Watercolour New Zealand and The Academy of Fine Arts. I enjoy the community of working alongside other artists and sharing knowledge and techniques. I attend life drawing classes, portrait classes, artist workshops and en plein air group events all over New Zealand.

I continue to experiment with different techniques and materials and am never short of inspiration. I am always thinking about how to mix a colour in nature and how to compose a scene. It really is a great way to spend my time and brings such joy.

I exhibit my work at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Mitchell Studios and Kiwi Art House in Wellington. I paint Birthday cards for friends and family and sell hand painted original watercolour gift cards.